Thursday 1 January 2015

Holiday news

My daughter   started to write her Holiday news today on the smart brailler When i said that was what we were going to do she said 'cups' whic confused me a bit until it dawned that she had misheard 'caps' -what it says when the caps lock is put on! She was happy to sit down and  begin her news for school.
We had the 'speak everything' mode on and discovered that if you want it to speak the line you space up once and then if you want todouble space the hard copy you space up again.

This is what she wrote (saved and uploaded via USB)

before Christmas we did

lots of Chrismas shopping.

we made Christmas cards

and soap. we wrapped up 

the soap and gave it to people

  for Christmas presents r

On teh saturday befor.e

Christmas we went to the

pantomime. it was called

Snow White and the seven

dwarfs, it was fun.

On Christmas Evewe

went to church. After the service

we had hot mince pies and 

fruit punch. Before bed I

put out my stocking.


Thanks to

Now we have to learn to print from 'Marty',.

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