Wednesday 31 December 2014

Smart brailler.

We were very excited when the smart brailler arrived and couldn't wait to get it out of the box.
i waited until my daughter was in bed before I took the audio tour. it was quite easy to find my way round the brailler but it was handy to be able to pause the tour while I located the more unusual features-like the margin setting which is tucked behind the screen panel.
  This afternoon I inroduced it to my daughter 

She really enjoyed using itbecause it talked to her . she found it quite easy to use although we use fully contracted braille and there was a bit of confusion when it called '4,6,e' '4.6.5'  but it did eventually recognize the word we had written as 'dance'! We managed to make and save a file but we haven't ried to print it yet . that is tomorrow's job! !
  Thanks to wonderbaby
 who have sent 'Marty' the Smart Brailler to visit!

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