Saturday 10 January 2015

Thank you Marty!

My daughter used the sSmart Brailler  to write
Thank you marty!

When I got home on Friday
 I had a lovely surprise because
there was a parcel waiting for us
Inside there was a monster
 backpack . it has eyes teeth and
horns In the backpack we found a slinky, a horse a book and some magazines.
it was a peresent from Marty
 to say 'Thank you for having me',
Thank you for the present Marty              
  It was fun.

Thanks to and the RNIB

Thursday 8 January 2015

Mistakes Don't Matter!

While we still have 'Marty' the Smart brailler  with us we decided to do a bit of spelling practice. With 'Heather'( one of marty's inbuilt voices) telling us what we had written it was easy to hear when things hadn't gone quite right and just as easy with the inbuilt error correction system to put it right again. Mistakes don't matter because they can be sorted out easily , they are not permanent and this builds confidence and self esteem. The act of putting them right also reinforces the correct patterns  . we shall miss Marty
when we wave him 'Goodbye' off to his next family!! Thanks to  

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Back to school!

So it's back to school and we are settling back into our normal routine
We finished the last bit of 'Our news on Sunday and i finally got my head around the handy correct button on the 'Smart  Brailler .

Thanks to

We really got the hang of writing a line and spacing down once so we could hear it and then going down again to write the next line.
  Here is the last part of 'our News'
Our News 2
  After ice skating we went
shopping. Mummy bought a soup
maker for Nanna and a new
iron. Then we went to the shoe shop
and I got new slippers.
We also went to Boots and got
some cough medicine because I have had
a nasty cough. We came home on
the bus and went to Nanna's because
Nanna has a poorly leg.
On Saturday we had a lie in
because it was a wet day. We went

down the town and then had fish and chips
for lunch. I stayed with Nanna

while Mummy went to the library.
On Sunday I went to Bible

class and then we went to Nanna's
After lunch we went for a walk. It

was muddy. We listened to "Emil
and the detectives" on the radio
Then we came home for tea.

Ice skating
Just to show we didn't spend the whole holiday chained to the Brailler-even if it is fun!

Saturday 3 January 2015

We can choose!

We carried on writing Anna's news for school today on marty the Smart Brailler.  The really good part is that I don't have to transcribe it for them - we can print it! I didn't manage to print direct from the brailler but it was easy to transfer to memory stick and print from there.
My daughter really enjoyed using the file menu and scrolling down to the file we wanted and then pressing the select button.

We also tried the 'settings' button and enjoyed changing the voices from 'Heather' to' Ryan' and then 'Laura' . We decided we quite liked Heather after all!
She is really enjoying the speech and it is motivating her with her spelling as it tells her what she has just written so she beginning to think what will come next. it means she can be more independent and I am prompting less and less!

Thursday 1 January 2015

Holiday news

My daughter   started to write her Holiday news today on the smart brailler When i said that was what we were going to do she said 'cups' whic confused me a bit until it dawned that she had misheard 'caps' -what it says when the caps lock is put on! She was happy to sit down and  begin her news for school.
We had the 'speak everything' mode on and discovered that if you want it to speak the line you space up once and then if you want todouble space the hard copy you space up again.

This is what she wrote (saved and uploaded via USB)

before Christmas we did

lots of Chrismas shopping.

we made Christmas cards

and soap. we wrapped up 

the soap and gave it to people

  for Christmas presents r

On teh saturday befor.e

Christmas we went to the

pantomime. it was called

Snow White and the seven

dwarfs, it was fun.

On Christmas Evewe

went to church. After the service

we had hot mince pies and 

fruit punch. Before bed I

put out my stocking.


Thanks to

Now we have to learn to print from 'Marty',.

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Smart brailler.

We were very excited when the smart brailler arrived and couldn't wait to get it out of the box.
i waited until my daughter was in bed before I took the audio tour. it was quite easy to find my way round the brailler but it was handy to be able to pause the tour while I located the more unusual features-like the margin setting which is tucked behind the screen panel.
  This afternoon I inroduced it to my daughter 

She really enjoyed using itbecause it talked to her . she found it quite easy to use although we use fully contracted braille and there was a bit of confusion when it called '4,6,e' '4.6.5'  but it did eventually recognize the word we had written as 'dance'! We managed to make and save a file but we haven't ried to print it yet . that is tomorrow's job! !
  Thanks to wonderbaby
 who have sent 'Marty' the Smart Brailler to visit!

Friday 17 October 2014

Feling Sluggish

Mornings are always a bit of a rush as in most households. The taxi picks her up at about 8 20.
I get up first and then  wake my daughter . She gets showered and dressed and I get her breakfast while she puts on her shoes. as in most things she is fairly independent these days although I probably still do more than I should because of the time.
Sometimes I have time for a shower while she dresses sometimes I shower while she has breakfast. This norning was one of these days complicated by the fact that the dhildren are allowed to wear their own clothes on Friday so not being super organized an outfit had to be put together.
 i rushed down to get the chosen breakfast rice cakes , cheese and grapes and barefoot took it to the table , i felt something cold and damp under my foot, it was a baby slug! ugh!