Tuesday 6 January 2015

Back to school!

So it's back to school and we are settling back into our normal routine
We finished the last bit of 'Our news on Sunday and i finally got my head around the handy correct button on the 'Smart  Brailler .http://www.perkinsproducts.org/smartbrailler

Thanks to http://www.wonderbaby.org/articles/backpacking-smart-brailler-uk

We really got the hang of writing a line and spacing down once so we could hear it and then going down again to write the next line.
  Here is the last part of 'our News'
Our News 2
  After ice skating we went
shopping. Mummy bought a soup
maker for Nanna and a new
iron. Then we went to the shoe shop
and I got new slippers.
We also went to Boots and got
some cough medicine because I have had
a nasty cough. We came home on
the bus and went to Nanna's because
Nanna has a poorly leg.
On Saturday we had a lie in
because it was a wet day. We went

down the town and then had fish and chips
for lunch. I stayed with Nanna

while Mummy went to the library.
On Sunday I went to Bible

class and then we went to Nanna's
After lunch we went for a walk. It

was muddy. We listened to "Emil
and the detectives" on the radio
Then we came home for tea.

Ice skating
Just to show we didn't spend the whole holiday chained to the Brailler-even if it is fun!

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