Saturday 3 January 2015

We can choose!

We carried on writing Anna's news for school today on marty the Smart Brailler.  The really good part is that I don't have to transcribe it for them - we can print it! I didn't manage to print direct from the brailler but it was easy to transfer to memory stick and print from there.
My daughter really enjoyed using the file menu and scrolling down to the file we wanted and then pressing the select button.

We also tried the 'settings' button and enjoyed changing the voices from 'Heather' to' Ryan' and then 'Laura' . We decided we quite liked Heather after all!
She is really enjoying the speech and it is motivating her with her spelling as it tells her what she has just written so she beginning to think what will come next. it means she can be more independent and I am prompting less and less!

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